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Recreational Firearms and Ammunition

target practice for recreational firearms and ammunition

Recreational Firearms and Ammunition

thyssenkrupp Materials NA s a leader supplier of materials to the recreational firearms and ammunition industry.

Copper and Brass Sales provides the recreational firearms and ammunition industry with high-quality metal material in the shapes you need. We also offer value add services that reduce your process chain and brings down overall costs while maximizing the use of your materials.

Color Matching

Many firearms manufacturers struggle with matching both uppers and lowers due to the difference in the metal alloy used for each application. Most frequently the upper is made from a soft alloy (6000 series aluminum) while the lower is made from a hard alloy (7000 series aluminum).

Copper and Brass Sales has the ability to provide both the upper and the lower in one alloy so that the colors can match.


Our brass strip alloys are used for brass casings by hobbyist and boutique manufacturers of ammunition. This ammunition is most often used to create customized and specialty ammunition frequently used in competitive and target shooting.

Stainless steel is often used for custom rims and primers.

Near Net Shapes

handgun near net shapes

Manufacturing processes are made easy when we produce your near net shape (NNS). Within the recreational firearms and ammunition industry, NNS are most often used for barrels and slides for handguns or in uppers and lowers for handguns and rifles.

Water jet or machine routing used to achieve near net shapes helps improve cycle time, reduces scrap, and minimizes handling when used to produce end-use products such as handgun profiles.

Available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel.



  • 7075 alloy – Upper and lower receivers, and railed handguards

  • 6061 alloy – Floorplates, scope rings, handgaurds

  • Aluminum extrusions available in stock bars or in near net shapes (upper and lower receivers)

Stainless Steel

  • 316 alloy – Trigger guards and floorplates

  • 17-4 alloy – Barrels, bolts, and receivers

  • 4140 and 4150 chrome moly vanadium (cmv)

  • 416R alloy – Gun barrel quality

Copper Alloys

  • C21000 Gilding Brass – Bullet jackets and monolithic bullets

  • C22000 Commercial Bronze – Bullet jackets

  • C26000 Cartridge Brass – Coat rimfire bullets

Carbon Alloys

  • Chrome molybdenum vanadium steel (CrMoV) - Gun barrels

Value-Added Services

Value Added Services

thyssenkrupp Materials NA offers a wide variety of value added services that can help to reduce cycle time, reduce inventory investment, and total cost. We can also provide customized services designed specifically to meet your project or business needs.

Some of the most commonly used services include kitting, waterjet processing, routered shapes, custom extrusions and hot-rolled shapes, Kanban, JIT, forecasting models, warehouse and processing services, use of our global supply chain and ability to reduce your supply chain risk.

  • Brass and copper coil processing services

  • Sub-assembly component kitting

  • Returnable Containerization programs

  • Scrap buy-back programs

  • Waterjet cutting and routing

  • ITAR and C-TPAT compliant

  • Precision bar cutting services

  • Precision bar grinding services

  • Precision part fabrication services

  • Inventory management

Why thyssenkrupp Materials NA?

When you do business with thyssenkrupp Materials NA you can be confident in our 90+ years as an industry leader in metal services and the financial strength of the global enterprise that is thyssenkrupp. We support your defense inventory needs wherever you need them in the world utilizing the vast network of materials and services in our global supply chain. This network increases our capabilities by improving our cash flow and allowing for increased floor space via JIT shipments, Kanban programs, and kitting.

Through supply chain management, we leverage strategic global sourcing and strong supplier partnerships. Our mill-direct scrap program allows increased savings on drops. We also feature a variety of value-added services that deliver customized material to help reduce scrap, material handling, and cost with the ability to provide these services from multiple locations across North America. For example, we have equipment redundancy in South Bend, Atlanta, and Fresno to support our water jet capabilities.

thyssenkrupp Materials NA has teams of experts in different focus areas to help meet your needs. Whether that’s through our internal logistics teams, our product managers, industry experts, or other customer service minded staff, we are focused on working for you to improve service, lower your inventories, reduce work in process and free up your working capital. At thyssenkrupp Materials NA, we want to be your first choice for both defense materials and your supply chain needs.

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