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PETG (VIVAK®) is a thermoplastic copolyester sheet material. It features excellent clarity and impact strength. In laboratory testing PETG VIVAK® sheets resistance to frontal drop ball impacts are comparable to polycarbonate. Compared to standard acrylic, PETG is often a cost effective alternative. It can be formed without pre-dying and possess higher impact resistance. Unlike acrylic, PETG VIVAK® can be die-cut or punched in addition to machining and thermoforming. For thermoforming PETG is virtually odorless and thermoforms easily at low forming temperatures with quick cycle times. Mold detail reproduction is excellent. PETG VIVAK® can be cut, painted, and bonded with cement. It is FDA compliant. However, PETG is not UV stable and not recommended for outdoor applications.

PETG Features:

  • Can be die cut or punched

  • Excellent impact resistance

  • Excellent clarity

  • FDA Compliant

  • Thermoforms at low temperatures

  • Fast cycle times

Common uses for PETG VIVAK® Include

  • Interior sign and sign covers

  • Orthotics and Prosthetics

  • Graphic Arts

  • Store fixtures and displays

  • Tote trays and lids

  • Medical storage and packaging

  • Food handling trays

  • Clear novelty items

Note: U.L. 94 V-2 rating and PETG. Some PETG resin suppliers indicate that PETG in thicknesses greater than 3mm (.118") meet the V-2 criteria. However, the PETG we carry, while it is U.L.-94HB rated, it does not carry the V-2. If you require a V-2 rating please call us and we can assist you with finding a material that will meet your specifications.

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