Online Plastics® keeps inventory in stock, ready for delivery from the top engineered plastics and material manufacturers in the U.S. including Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, Ensinger, Rochling, Rochling Glastic, St. Gobain, Plaskolite, DuPont and more. For over 30 years we have supplied manufacturing and industrial markets with top quality material and service. We focus on building supplier relationships and top quality customer service that keep thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics on top of the latest and highest quality plastic materials available.

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  • Large selection of Engineered Plastics

  • Large inventory of materials available and ready to ship

  • Custom cutting available

  • Customized inventory solutions available

  • Material selection assistance

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In today’s highly competitive manufacturing environment, thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics, Online Plastics® store can help you to achieve success by supplying you with the highest quality plastics materials available. Engineered Plastics are noted for their high strength, temperature resistance, and toughness. Parts made from plastics can help reduce down-time and maintenance in manufacturing and production environments and they are increasingly being used to replace metal parts in applications such as high speed and high pressure (HPV) as well as extreme environments such as steam or underground applications.

Benefits of Machined Plastic Parts

  • Often outlast metal parts

  • Often outperform metal parts in extreme conditions including high temperature, wet environments, high pressure and high velocity environments (HPV)

  • Plastic parts can be self-lubricating for ultra low friction

  • Machineable plastics can typically be machined on the same equipment used to make metal parts

Contact us today! We have a team of dedicated people who have experience in the plastics industry and they are ready to assist you. Material selection and material specification can be a detailed and long process, but when it's done well it can ultimately save your company money in the form of reduced down-time for maintenance, repair, and part replacement. Plastics can also help improve work environments and safety conditions by assisting with things like reducing noise. In addition many plastics simply outperform metals that have been tradionally used to make machined parts. We can help you narrow the playing field quickly and we can assist with getting samples and data needed to complete proper engineered plastics material selection.

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