Engineering Plastics

Engineering Plastics

Online Plastics® is dedicated to supplying the industrial market with high-quality engineering plastics and high-performance plastic stock shapes.

Engineering plastics are a group of thermoplastics that are tough, reliable, and suitable for work in extreme environments. Many grades and variants are available to meet specific application requirements. We stock engineering plastics for general industrial use up to FDA compliant for food contact, medical device, and life sciences applications (USDA, 3A, etc.). In addition we carry high-performance plastics that are FAR rated, ITAR compliant and much for for the demanding aircraft, aerospace, and semiconductor markets, to name a few.

Features of Engineering Plastics

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Many grades and types available

  • Many engineering plastics meet FDA, USDA and/or 3A standards

  • Machine using the same equipment to machine common metals such as brass

Why Use Engineering Plastic Materials?

Machinable engineering plastics are used in virtually every industry and are often used to replace metal materials. In comparison to metal parts, parts machined from thermoplastics generally weigh less and can significantly reduce noise. When the right engineered plastic is matched to the right application, the part will last longer, wear better, and provide overall better performance that can reduce downtime for maintenance, lubrication, and part replacement.

At Online Plastics® you will find everything from common to unique thermoplastic materials like DuPont™ Vespel® that feature distinctive characteristics that make them ideal for applications where extreme temperature, pressure, or velocity make finding a suitable material a challenge.

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