tkMNA - Precision Cutting Services

Precision Cutting

The companies of thyssenkrupp Materials NA offer a wide range of precision cutting services for RBW, sheet and plate products for all nonferrous metals including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel. In the US, processing facilities across the country house multiple shears for sheet, nearly 40 straight line and contour saws for plate, capable of both standard and precision sawing tolerances on material up to 12”thick, and almost 60 bar cut-off saws, including high-speed Tsune saws that are capable of cutting tolerances as close at +/- .005”. Additionally, we offer customers value-add processing services such as grinding, chamfering and straightening. In Canada, our shearing center complements the more than 10 RBW cut-off saws located at processing facilities from Vancouver to Toronto. Our logistics system provides the support necessary to get the right product to customers in the automotive, electrical, medical and aerospace industries at their locations throughout North America.