tkMNA - Cut to Length


Starting your production cycle with the sheet sized to your exacting specifications saves you processing time and reduces overall scrap costs. With many cut-to-length lines for aluminum and stainless steel and a specialty metals cut-to-length line for brass and copper, the companies of thyssenkrupp Materials NA are ready to provide the flat-roll processing services you need to reduce your production time. With cut-to-length processing lines strategically located across the US, we use our nationwide logistics system to deliver just-in-time to customers in wide variety of industries including automotive, medical, aerospace, appliance and electrical. We also offer customers value-added flat roll processing services such as PVC and stenciling on stainless and aluminum coils from .010” to .250” thick and 6” through 72” wide. We also offer cut-to-length processing for copper and copper alloy coils from .010” to .125” thick.