Highly engineered, performance driven fire rated, static dissipative, weatherable, and general purpose thermoplastic sheet products for a broad range of demanding applications.

Royalite® ABS Sheet

A rigid ABS thermoplastic sheet with exceptionally good high temperature performance. Although most ABS has a deflection temperature of 185°F to 210°F, ROYALITE® R12 is rated at 220°F. technical specifications

Royalite® Fire Rated Sheet

A proprietary PVC alloy that is cost competitive with acrylic/PVC alloys while maintaining physical performance and improving formability. It maintains the superior thermoforming characteristics of an ABS/PVC alloy, while bringing a higher degree of impact, tensile strength, and stiffness. technical specifications

Royalite® Aircraft Grade Sheet

A new sheet product specifically engineered for seating components. technical specifications

Royalite® Weather Resistant Sheet

A unique composite of ROYALITE® R84 low gloss weatherable cap sheet over ROYALITE® R21 high impact ABS substrate. It is ideal for rugged outdoor applications requiring high impact strength and stiffness. R84/21 is available in a variety of standard colors, and custom color matches also are available. technical specifications

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