KYDEX® damage resistant sheet protects the long term performance and appearance of your products. KYDEX® sheet is an extremely durable thermoplastic alloy extruded in a range of colors, patterns, textures, thicknesses and grades to optimize long-term performance, appearance and cost effectiveness across demanding and diverse end-use applications.

Specialized grades are offered to satisfy requirements specific to thermoforming, membrane pressing, post-forming, brake-forming, miter-folding, and laminating, and to fit a broad range of specialized applications ranging from medical equipment housings and aircraft tray tables to retail store fixtures and commercial furniture.

Impact Resistance: No other thermoplastic sheet stands up to impact, scratches, and gouging like KYDEX® sheet. Depending on grade, it offers Notched Izod impact resistance to 18 ft-lbs/in. (960 J/m), and is available in thicknesses from .028" to .500" (0.7mm to 12.7mm) to withstand levels of abuse from moderate to extreme. Due to its high degree of toughness and resilience, KYDEX® sheet can also be stretched at room temperature to twice its original dimension without breaking.

KYDEX® 100

Ultra high impact, high performance, fire rated sheet suitable for a broad range of demanding applications. technical specifications

KYDEX® 110

Super tough, durable KYDEX 110, a proprietary alloy sheet, brings new dimensions to thermoformers in: formability, rigidity, breakage resistance, chemical resistance and fire retardancy. technical specifications

KYDEX® 150

High performance sheet for building product applications. Rated Class I/A in gauges to .060" (1.52mm); Class II/B in gauges to 0.093" (2.36mm). UL listed. technical specifications

KYDEX® 200

General purpose sheet with good impact resistance, excellent extensibility and solvent resistance. Cost competetive with many other thermoplastics. technical specifications


High Impact, high performance, fire rated sheet. Cost competetive with flame retardant ABS, but with great impact and extensibility. technical specifications

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