HurriGuard® storm panels are the CLEAR choice for severe weather protection

HurriGuard® storm panels from Galina USA are made of multiple-wall, coextruded, clear poly-carbonate sheets. When properly installed, they will protect your windows and doors from hurricane-force winds, flying debris, and severe weather while still allowing light to enter the interior of your home or business.

HurriGuard®storm panels have passed the Dade County, Fl.,Hurricane Test and can resist large missile impact (9lbs, 2x4, shot from an air cannon). The missile bounced off the HurriGuard® panel, preventing damage to the panel and the glass behind it. Miami Dade Approval 08-0213.02 Florida Building Code 10799.

  • Cost-effective, space-age replacement for conventional plywood panels that are often used once and then discared
  • Clear panels transmit light to enhance safety and security
  • Strong, lightweight, reusable, fire resistant
  • Less than 1/4 the weight of plywood
  • Save time, money, and frustration – no need to depend on unreliable materials and suppliers in times of emergency
  • Easy to fabricate and install with common handyman tools
  • 10 year warranty, resists degradation from strong direct sunlight
  • Available sheet sizes in stock -
    • 5/8" x 4' x 8'
    • 5/8" x 6' x 8'
    • 5/8" x 6' x 10'
    • 5/8" x 6' x 12'

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