Coroplast™ is the material of choice for today's markets. This twinwall sheet plastic is opening fresh horizons of features and benefits. Coroplast™ explores new directions of advantages with its strength, durability, light weight and low cost. Coroplast™ enhances profitability and is superior alternative to other materials such as cardboard, plywood, metal and rigid plastic.

The uses of Coroplast™ are endless. This unique twinwall sheet is proving itself superior in graphic arts for sign blanks, displays and exhibits. In the packaging industry, it is excellent for retripable containers, partitions, material handling components, and meat packaging systems. Coroplast™ in horticulture is used for greenhouses, plant and seedling protection and for glazing and temporary structures in construction. Also, many consumer home products are now made from Coroplast™ such as closet and under-bed boxes.

There are a wide variety of markets and applications, yet all of them share in the wonderful benefits that Coroplast™ offers.

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