Acrylite Sheet

There are two methods of manufacturing Acrylite acrylic sheets. AcryliteGP acrylic sheet is made by the traditional cell-cast method, AcryliteFF acry sheet is made by a proprietary continuously manufactured method, which was introduced in 1977. Acrylite acrylic sheet, regardless of how it is manufactured, shares the following dependable, high-quality characteristic that have made Acrylite acrylic sheet the leader in acrylic sheets.

Acrylite® FF

Acrylite® GP

Acrylite® AR

Acrylite Plus®

Acrylite® SG

Acrylite FF 3

Acrylite® OP–2

Acrylite® GAR

Acrylite® OP–3

Non-Glare Acrylite® P–99

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