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Corrosion Resistant

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thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics stocks a full line of advanced quality chemical resistant plastics that are suitable for any application that requires high corrosion-resistance. When choosing a corrosion resistant plastics product, special attention should be given to the chemicals or corrosive agents the plastic material will be exposed to. Be sure to review any technical information and to thoroughly test materials for the application they will be used in.

Corrosion-Proof Plastics:

Some of the most common corrosion resistant plastics are listed below. The selection of the right material for an application is based on the needs of the end user. Criteria includes what the plastic material will be exposed to, temperatures the plastic will be exposed to, moisture and more. A tkEP salesperson can assist you with material selection. Contact us with your questions today.

  • CPVC - Corzan CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is a high heat, corrosion-resistance plastic material that is most often used in industrial systems and plumbing systems.
  • Extren® - Extren® is a corrosion resistant plastic that is typically used in applications where conventional construction materials do not provide economic service life.
  • Kynar® - This chemical resistant plastic product is chemically inert making it highly resistant to chemicals of virtually any kind.
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – HDPE is a corrosion resistant plastic that offers an increased working temperature range, and higher tensile strength when compared to Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE).
  • UHMW – (Ultra High Molecular Weight) UHMW is a corrosion-resistant plastic that is also static dissipative and UV resistant.
  • Polypropylene – This chemical resistant plastics product is FDA compliant and does not absorb moisture.
  • PTFE – PTFE is a non-stick corrosion resistant plastic that works well in a wide variety of applications.
  • PVC – PVC is a corrosion-resistant plastic polymer that is used in industrial applications including valves, processing tanks, plumbing applications, electrical cable insulation and more.

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