Online Metals

Online Metals. Who are we, and what do we do?

Back at the end of the last century, in the year 1998, a couple of guys in Seattle teamed up to unite one guy’s shed, crammed full of metals, with the other guy’s interest in building websites. Wielding these two dubious assets, the team was able to put together an eCommerce website offering cut-to-size metals to the world! Thus, was born.

Within a couple of years the demand for OnlineMetals’ service grew enough to require a move to a bona-fide warehouse facility, complete with commercial saws, shipping facilities and a fulfillment team. Within three years, we outgrew that facility and moved yet again to an even larger space near Seattle’s Ballard Bridge. Here we installed more resources, like actual industrial forklifts, and a dedicated customer service team.

Philosophy Leads to Success
From the beginning, our mantra has been, “The last thing you do is the first thing the customer sees. Make it right.” With every addition to our business we’ve made, from improving our shipping processes to growing our team, we apply this customer-obsessed focus.

Thanks to the loyalty of the creative and industrious businesses and individuals that make up our universe of customers, our business has continued to grow like mad. In 2007, a global materials company, ThyssenKrupp AG, noticed our success and acquired our little Seattle startup!

As a division of ThyssenKrupp Materials North America, we’ve been able to expand distribution locations across the United States and added a broad assortment of products to our catalog. Our new found purchasing power and network of locations means that we’re able to get product to customer’s a lot faster and for a lot less money. Which, of course, feeds our hunger for customer satisfaction.