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Food Processing

The Online Plastics® inventory of materials for food processing applications includes a wide range of FDA, USDA, NSF, and 3A Dairy-compliant engineering plastics. In addition we feature detectable materials from Ensinger and Quadrant designed specifically for the food processing ability. All of these materials can be used for applications where materials come into direct food contact. Engineering plastics are well noted for thier ability to withstand many challenging environments. Based on your needs our selection of engineering plastics provides options that withstand high wear, wet environments, hot steam, harsh chemicals, and hot dry environments found which are all found in the food processing industry.
For more information download our free material guide Engineering Plastics for the Food Processing Industry. In it we have included everything from the highest performing materials to HDPE Cutting Board plastics, clear polycarbonate for windows and mirrors and even options for creating durable signage for your facility.

For even more information on the topic of food recalls in the food processing industry, visit our blog for a free white paper by Ensinger Plastics. As a leading manufacturer and extruder of engineering plastics, Ensinger has worked hand in had with distributors like us and end users in the food industry to continuously improve materials for this important industry.
Request a quote on engineering plastics for your food processing application, or contact us to learn more about an engineered plastics solution for your food processing application. 

The Best Engineered Plastic Solutions for Your Food Processing Needs

Our selection includes engineered plastics that are capable of working in:

  • Temperatures, from cryogenic to more than 400°F

  • Dry environments with potential for static build-up and static discharge

  • Hot steam environments including autoclave for sterilization

  • Submersion in boiling water

  • Harsh Chemical environments such as cleaners and sterilizers 

Our inventory also includes machine grade engineered plastics that can replace metal bearings, wear pads, guides, gears and more. These materials offer the benefits of self-lubrication, light weight, noise reduction, and low maintenance requirements.

TECAPEEK UD Blue Ultra-Detectable, Machinable Plastic

 Detecting foreign material and particulates in food products is a key factor in food safety. A fragment or shaving of a component from processing equipment that goes undetected in the product can spell disaster for a food processing plant and lead to costly food recalls.
TECAPEEK UD Blue is specially engineered to be detectable by all three common food inspection technologies (optical, metal, and x-ray). Special high-visibility fillers make it possible to detect particles to 1mm thick. The material is easily to machine, provides excellent chemical and wear resistance, and is FDA compliant. TECAPPEK UD Blue was initially designed for high temperature applications and for scraper blades where high wear from items like sugar and other ingredients can be an issue. Contact Online Plastics® for more info on TECAPEEK UD Blue.

The tkEP Plastic Experts

If you are looking for a solution to an application problem at your food processing facility, contact the experts at Online Plastics®. Our team takes a value added approach that helps you identify plastic solutions for your applications. We can help match your application to a material that will be the most cost effective while meeting the requirements of your particular application.
Online Plastics® materials are found in food processing applications including, but not limited to:

  • Meat Processing

  • Bakeries

  • Hot and cold liquid/beverage and soup dispensing and packaging

  • Conveyor applications

Along with machinable engineering plastics shapes, thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics is a TYGON® Elite distributor. We maintain a large inventory of TYGON® including TYGON® S3™ Phthalate (DEHP) free tubing and Versilon tubing by Saint Gobain. TYGON® S3 line includes FDA compliant tubing for food and beverage dispensing applications. We provide bulk and we will cut to any size you need. Request a quote today or contact us for more information.

Contact us

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