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GPO from Online Plastics® is available in many grades including GPO-1 General Purpose and T-160 high strength, GPO-3, SG-200, as well as GPO-1FHT and more. GPO materials are made from fiberglass blended with a polyester resin. The result is materials that offer excellent ark and track resistance. They are used throughout industries for electrical applications. GPO come in several grades and are selected based on the needs of a particular application. They are available in sheet, rod, tube and shapes


  • Available in several grades including GPO-1, GPO-3, T-160, SG-200, GPO-1FHT

  • Available in sheet, rod, tube, pultruded shapes

  • Excellent Arc and Track resistance

  • Flame Resistant

  • NEMA Grade 

GPO-3 is a fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester material. This material is the industry standard for flame and arc/track resistant electrical insulation. This material is typically fabricated into interphase and end barriers in Switchgears. GPO-3 has a temperature index of 130C for both Electrical and 160C for Mechanical and is available in 36X72, 48X60, and 48X96, from 1/32” to 2” thick. The standard color is Red, with both White and Black options available. GPO-3 is NEMA Grade Li 1-1989. The Rochling Glastic grade is UTR and there are 5 part numbers: UTR 1491, UTR 1493, UTR 1494, UTR 1495, UTR 1497. The predominate part numbers for Red GPO-3 are:

  • Rochling Glastic UTR 1494 and the UL Recognition File Number is E81928.

  • Haysite H900

  • PolyPly L50 and the UL Recognition File Number is E82624.

thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics / Online Plastics® has full range of Made in USA GPO-3 in stock across the country.

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