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Defense Industry

thyssenkrupp Materials NA is a leading supplier of materials to the defense, firearms and ammunition industries.

thyssenkrupp Materials NA provides the defense, firearms and ammunition industries with high-quality materials ranging from aluminums to plastics and in the shapes you need. We also offer value add services that reduce your process chain and brings down overall costs while maximizing the use of your materials.

Value Add Services

We offer a wide variety of value add services to help strengthen your supply stream and shorten your cycle time. Our goal is to improve your performance metrics and make your job easier. 

Brass and Copper Coil Processing Services 

  • Precision slitting 

  • Traverse winding 

Sub-Assembly Component Kitting 

  • Kitting and inspection to meet your needs 

Returnable Containerization Programs 

  • Point-of-use delivery 

  • Kanban packaging, part making and delivery to your specifications 

Scrap Buy-Back Programs 

  • Containerized segregated alloys to increase your profits 

Waterjet Cutting and Routing 

  • Neat-net shape capability 

  • Maximize material usage, scrap reduction 

Precision Bar Cutting Services 

  • High-speed production cutting 

  • Precision tolerances available 

Precision Bar Grinding Services 

  • Custom diameters and tolerances 

  • Chamfering available 

Precision Part Fabrication Services 

  • Copper bar punching, forming and cutting 

  • Aluminum bar punching, forming and cutting 

  • GP03 (Glastic) fabrication, punching, forming and cutting 

  • Copper plating 

  • Copper safety coating 

Inventory Management 

  • Custom inventory and stocking programs 

  • Quality inspection service 

  • Custom packaging 

  • JIT delivery for all products 

  • Point-of-use delivery 

Processing Services

Precision Processing Services

Improve your efficiency and cycle time with cut-to-size, machine-ready material, shipped to you just-in-time.

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